Mode by Bradstone

Taking the inside, outside


If you’re looking for the ultimate inspiration in contemporary garden design, look no further than Bradstone’s new Mode paving collection, a beautiful range of premium porcelain pavers that takes its design cues from inside the home.

Though porcelain, these pavers boast an incredible inherent strength and exceptional durability, as well as an anti-slip finish. What’s more, Mode has a superb consistency of colour and finish, as well as being stain and weather resistant. So, not only is Mode virtually maintenance free, it will retain its stunning good looks throughout the years to come, looking as fabulous as the first day it was installed.


Bringing an ultra-modern look and feel to any garden setting, Mode is available in 600mm x 600mm pavers in two stunning finishes – textured, for a sleek contemporary look or profiled, a stone-like appearance with added crystals for extra sparkle. With four gorgeous shades to choose from in each finish, this collection is designed to make a statement.